Resourcing Ministry

Mike has been working with a team of 17 staff for the last 2 years who serve our international ministry with technology needs. Sometimes it is the administrative tasks that weigh-down a missionary. Many of our international ministries do not have the abundance of resources to which we are accustomed – like knowing when someone …

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First Female National Director

In October Amy had the chance to help at a Jesus film executive briefing conference in Monterey California. While there she met and heard from ccc’s new national director in South Africa, Elspeth Liebenberg. Elspeth, Campus Crusade’s first female national director, told Amy that her goal in SA is to reach everyone, regardless of their …

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A Beautiful Story to Encourage You

“Well, we watched this film, it’s called ‘Magdalena.’ There are eight of us ladies that watched it together. We’ve come to know the Lord. We prayed this prayer at the end. Now what do we do?

Behind Closed Doors

Amy met with a group of women who are responsible for coordinating the use of the version of the JESUS film that retells the account of Luke’s Gospel from the perspective of Mary Magdalena. They shared stories of what God is doing in many parts of the world. Much of the impact of this tool …

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Reaching a New Generation

Indigitous is a new movement within Campus Crusade for Christ that is passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. The name comes from the fusion of two ideas – Indigenous + Digital. Indigenous because it reflects the desire for locally-generated strategies that work in each generation, language and culture. Digital because digital tools, …

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Developing Leaders

Part of my role with our Global Technology Office is to help develop quality leaders around the world who help to set the strategic direction of the ministry’s use of technology. I will be in the country of Hungary for a gathering of about 25 leaders who represent Campus Crusade for Christ in most of …

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Marriage Bible Study

Amy and I are starting a small group Bible study this week with 7 couples. It is on the meaning of marriage. We are looking forward to the topic for ourselves and know that it will benefit the other couples as well. Just from reviewing the content, I am learning a lot about the priority, …

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Unrest in Egypt

At the end of June, almost 30 million Egyptians went out on the streets asking the Muslim Brotherhood president to step down. They wanted the Egyptian Army to help them get rid of a regime that appointed Muslim Brotherhood members in all official posts: ministries, governorates and local councils. In response, the Islamist fundamentalists started …

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A Legacy

Mike’s parents joined us for a week-long training conference with cru. We were in Fort Collins, CO with 4000 staff from around the USA. It was a great time of learning and vision. It was especially fun to have them see us be honored for our 25 years of being a missionary with Campus Crusade …

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Audrey Mission Trip

Audrey has safely returned from Costa Rica. She spent 6 days there with a group from her school. They helped a missionary with various outreaches in the northwest part of the country. As you can see from the photo, Audrey enjoyed interacting with the kids and teaching them Bible stories.