Jesus and the Little Ones

IMG_1268Last week we had the opportunity to work at the Jesus Film executive briefing in Beaver Creek, Colorado. I, (Amy) have worked on 24 briefings like this over the last 10 years, helping the children of JF major donors catch a vision for what our ministry is doing around the world. This time Mike joined me on the “Kids On a Mission” (KOM) team! It was a blast working together, along with 20 others….and we needed every adult that came as there were almost 100 kids!

We taught 25, 7-10 year olds all about the mission of the JF, and we did it in the context of the country of Thailand. Our group learned about languages and people groups and even got to dress in authentic clothes, taste foods brought back from Thailand, and guess what different strange items are used for. Every time I have the chance to work on this team it reminds me that I am privileged to be a part of this amazing ministry. I’m also reminded that it’s never too IMG_0642early to begin imparting vision for the lost to kids. Our class learned all about the Travel Team, the department at our office that goes in country, sets up temporary recording studios and dubs the voice actors for new translations. Our class got to dub their own voices and this really helped them to catch it! They were excited for what each new translation means-that another group of kids, like them, will have the chance to hear about Jesus in their heart language. Afterwards they wrote letters to the travel team. Below are a couple samples.

Thank you for investing in us! The “KOM” team is one of 3 different teams I serve on with our ministry and it gives me joy to be a part of it. Did you know….

  • That the Jesus Film is now in over 1400 languages? Pray for those in process, and for film teams all around the world working to bring the good news to the lost.
  • That our logo has changed, but our mission remains the same? Check it out at and pray that many would be drawn to Jesus through the website and other tech avenues.
  • That this summer marks 29 years that I’ve been on staff, 28 for Mike? Pray for continued wisdom and guidance as we seek to always follow God’s will for our lives
  • That we need your prayers more than ever as this year marks a big milestone with our youngest going off to college? Pray for our girls to continue to seek the Lord with all their hearts.