Increasing 50 fold

Last month the leadership teams from Campus Crusade for Christ ministries around the world gathered to seek God’s direction. There were over 250 leaders from more than 50 countries represented. The theme was what SHIFTS do we need to make to increase laborers in the harvest, with a focus on empowering partners like you.

As a global ministry, we agreed to:

  1. Strengthening our spiritual foundation, turning to Jesus, setting aside unhurried time to seek the Lord for real shifts.
  2. Mobilizing volunteers and partners with simplified training for envisioning potential multiplying disciples.
  3. Refocus our staff for empowering disciples to reach a broad scope, being open to new team structures and models that include partners, associates, volunteers and staff together in leadership and planning.
  4. Accelerating local funding and seeing ministry partners begin partner-driven communities.

It’s time to plan big. It’s time for faith in a big God.