Virtually Busy

The last two months have involved a LOT of Zoom calls! Bible studies, team meetings, planning times, trainings, even a theology class.

Now that the whole world has gone virtual, you might be wondering how things are different at Jesus Film Project. I (Amy) was already hard at work creating digital outreach tools. In the last 5 years, Jesus Film Project has made a huge shift toward digital ministry and those changes are paying off right now! You can visit the website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter to see some of the exciting progress being made.

One example is an outreach I just finished developing that uses short films from the Jesus Film app/website to do a simple Short Film Festival. This outreach is currently being adapted so that it can be done virtually. Imagine gathering a small group of people virtually, showing a series of short films and asking questions that help to get people talking about spiritual things. Maybe you can think of a few people in your own life who could move closer to a gospel decision by using this strategy. Let us know if you want some coaching on how to do that, I’d love to help!