The Gears of the Ministry

Mike and Amy in ancient Corinth

It was wonderful to go with Mike last month to the Global Operational Leaders Conference in Athens, Greece. I couldn’t wait to spend 10 days traveling to a new country, eating amazing food, and seeing beautiful historical sights! We were even going to be able to “walk where Paul walked” in Corinth.

Of course all of that was a part of the trip but there was so much more. As I began to learn about the staff that would be coming, I quickly realized that this conference was going to be an amazing way to connect with missionaries from all over the world who work behind the scenes supporting our evangelism and discipleship efforts. Not only that, but it was also going to be a great way to work alongside Mike.

We heard from leaders representing each of Cru’s 13 global areas. We were encouraged in the Word and given greater vision for the ministry. We were trained in communication and decision-making skills and heard from speakers on building and maintaining powerful teams.

Probably our favorite speaker was the head of Cru’s legal department, Dennis Kasper. (Yes we have our own legal department with 12 full time lawyers who each raise their support to work in that department!). All this to say, the men and woman who help run the operations side of our ministry are both greatly needed and all have an incredible passion for reaching the lost.

What a privilege it was to get to go with Mike, and experience that together!