Rave Outreach

This weekend in downtown Orlando there is a 2-day concert called a Rave. These are the modern equivalent of a Woodstock. Amy and I will be joining with others to provide parental care, prayer and God’s love to the kids who come.  Raves vary in size from 200 to 100,000 in attendance – with approximately 90% of attendees using drugs, mainly Ecstasy.

When we arrive at the rave, we will spend some time in prayer to “Armor Up” (Ephesians 6). The men will then drop the “moms” off and stay nearby to pray – ready to assist the women at a moment’s notice. We do not allow men to go in due to the highly sexual nature of raves. The women will hand out kandi (bracelets made from beads that have a website on them); tell the kids that God loves them, and that they are “created for a purpose – precious and valuable” (the most common response is tears); and help kids in trouble.

Much of our night will be taken up helping kids in trouble. We will give out water & blankets, call 911 – staying with kids until help arrives., and make sure kids left alone outside the raves get somewhere safe. Similar outreaches in other cities have derailed rapes & sex trafficking, just by our presence. Sometime between 1am and 5am we will wrap up the outreach with time at a local restaurant, allowing all of us to talk, pray, and maybe just cry.

If we are to rescue the perishing from the fire, we need to get pretty close to the flames. (Jude 1:23). Pray with us for this outreach.