Outreach in Orlando

raveHow can middle-aged parents impact a younger generation that seeks peace, love, unity and respect without knowing the true God? By going to them! Is this not what Jesus did when he “ate with sinners”?

A Electric Daisy Carnival, more commonly know as a RAVE, was held in Orlando at the beginning of November. It attracted close to 60,000 kids to this massive outdoor party where the focus is openly on sensory stimulation – loud music, bright lights, drugs, alcohol and limited clothing.

But our group of 12 moms and 3 dads came to offer water, homemade cookies and soup, a p;ace to recover from whatever they were taking, safe haven for girls alone…And unconditional love. Our RV, “normal” attire and aging bodies stuck out in the crowd. This created an evident buzz on the inner group’s social media about these “rave moms” who help.

We are still actively following-up several who spent significant time with us at our RV spot. Who knows how many we rescued from tragedy through our acts of kindness, but we plan to continue these outreaches for upcoming events in the area.