The Amazing Question

kejdisAcross Eastern Europe, it can be a challenge to meet spiritually interested people. To solve this problem, Kejdis, our friend and leader of the church planters in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), decided to use social media to engage new audiences.

Kedjis and his wife Rudina, began pulling together volunteers to develop Facebook pages highlighting “The Amazing Question.” The question came from Jesus’ interaction with the blind Bartimaeus where He asked, “What do you want me to do for you? 

The Facebook page asked, “What if there were Someone who could help you? A lot of people have found a way out by answering His amazing question. Would you like to know more?” A click on “yes” would lead to a Jesus film clip showing Jesus and Bartimaeus, with the opportunity to say what they would ask Jesus.

The initiative started in Albania (Kejdis and Rudi’s home country) and Georgia. Outreach teams planned to contact every respondent, but more people responded than expected, far more than they were able to follow up! In Albania they had 725 spiritually curious individuals. In most cases, the they shared a need and wanted ongoing conversation. So far Kejdis and Rudi’s volunteers have had 350 conversations.

It is so exciting that other people across the body of Christ are gaining vision to see the digital world as a mission field. In CEE they are trusting God to be able to reach 18% of the population with this strategy.