Strike Leads to Training

Members of the Guatemala Education Workers Union (STEG) are holding teacher strikes that have progressed across various regions of the country and will continue until demands are met. In the midst of this, our national staff have used this stoppage of work to bring together teachers for Biblical training.

Petén is a department of the Republic of Guatemala. It is geographically the northernmost department of Guatemala, as well as the largest by size & area — at 13,843 sq mi it accounts for about one third of Guatemala’s area. Anibal, whom I met a month ago at a conference for all our staff working to start new churches, sends greetings from this region of Guatemala.

Recently they held a training with 300 principals on how to use the JESUS film in their schools.  The officials wanted to keep the training even in the midst of the strikes. Within a few hours at least one of the principals had gathered students to view the film. Jesus has become a substitute teacher for the children of Guatemala.