Partnering in Sri Lanka

Two years ago I shared with you about helping Oswald Salgado in Sri Lanka to use a mapping system I helped develop for tracking new churches. Now that small deposit of assistance has blossomed into a partnership across the entire country.

I met with Mahesh de Mel, the Director of Missions for the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL). They have a plan to reach the country with the gospel in partnership with all the existing churches, denominations and mission organizations working in Sri Lanka. This is exactly why we developed our mapping and tracking system, called iShare. The newest version specifically enables other ministries to use the system and share their efforts with others working in the same area.

Next week, Oswald will meet with Mahesh to work out a partnership and get them setup with the new iShare System. This is a great example of partnership and leveraging technology to the benefit of a broader body of Christ.