Summer Scatter

This summer our daughter’s are scattering to various places around the country – and world. The effects of us being global missionaries for 30 years is that our kids share our passion to go wherever God leads. Thank goodness for advancements in communication technology that allow us to stay in touch no matter where the mission takes any of us.

Rachel will spend part of her summer in Ohio helping to care for Amy’s Mom. She has completed a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class and plans to move to Chicago in the Fall to work on a Masters in Nursing.

Jessica stayed in Chicago after graduation from Moody Bible Institute and is in her second year of internship with a urban Church, where she serves as the Children’s Director.

Monica will soon finish her bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and is doing an internship with a structural engineering firm in West Palm Beach, FL this summer. She plans to stay at the University of Florida to complete a Master’s degree.

Audrey is doing an internship at Cru for the first part of the summer to assist Jesus Film Project to connect with a younger audience via Social Media. She then heads off to Australia to intern with an advertising agency through a program connected to the Advertising Department at the University of Florida where she has completed her second year.