Student Churches

In 2009, Olin Galan became a believer as he heard the Four Spiritual Laws. As a senior at Bicol University, Philippines, Olin then sought to build Christ-centered multiplying disciples to start multiplying churches.

Before joining the Global Church Movement (through which he now both disciples students and leads a house church among factory workers), Olin had met only two committed believers on campus: Paulo Esternon and Jomari Espartinez, now also a missionary with GCM. He started to disciple them.

In just four years, the Lord enabled these three men to have over 300 disciples in their chain. Eight churches were planted through their disciples and over 400 believers were trained and mobilized to join them. They also praise the Lord for the 40 new believers they baptize each year.

Paulo remembers sharing the Four Laws with fellow student, Mart Llobrera (now serving as a GCM intern). After receiving Christ, Mart joined Paulo in sharing the gospel and discipling others. Mart recalls “I used to be a naughty guy, but God has changed me and others can also experience the same”. Eventually, Mart began to lead a student church at Bicol University. After graduation, Mart challenged one of his disciples to lead another student church at Bicol University.

Jomari, was trained by Olin to multiply his life into other disciples. He currently disciples 12 men on campus and is also mobilizing 5 churches using the win-build-send process, each having an average of 10 members. Jom explains “Seeing my disciples witnessing and leading discipleship groups give joy in my heart.”

Olin believes that seeing their multiplication is but a small picture of what is to come. “Nothing can stop God from fulfilling this vision from Habakkuk 2:14, ‘For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.’”