Mission Collide

In 2017, the Daasanach tribe in Ethiopia language became the 1500th translation of the JESUS Film! A huge milestone was reached for the script teams, recording teams and postproduction teams. But what happened with this tribe after they saw JESUS and heard Him speak in their language?

We are so thankful for our many partners, like The Timothy Initiative (TTI), who help us with church planting after the film was shown. TTI is part of the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication. This powerful group of church planters are all working together to provide access to a church for everyone everywhere.

Mike and I work across the campus from each other at CRU, I with JESUS Film Project, and he with Global Church Movements. But our missional worlds collide (is that the right word?) all the time, usually in very remote parts of the world.

Oh, and as of yesterday, production of the 1700th JESUS film translation was completed! It is the Cheke Itolo language, for Solomon Islands people in the South Pacific. You can see the complete list of finished languages by going to jesusfilm.org

All glory goes to God!