Looking Back

past-futureGod’s Word often calls us to reflect on what He has done and from where we have come. It gives us a foundation from which to guides us into the future and a greater awareness of God’s involvement in our lives.

80’s – Reading through all the Christmas cards reminded us of the students we discipled at UW-Madison. We are still in touch with many of them who are serving God as missionaries.

90’s – This was the decade for us to serve in other countries. Our time in the former Soviet Union was the start of a program that has trained over 72,000 educators in 14 countries, impacting the lives of more than 2,500,000 students and their parents. We also traveled throughout Asia helping to resource churches and organizations with the JESUS film.

2000’s – We helped move the JESUS film into a digital distribution platform by making over 800 languages of the film available online. This was the early foundation for the current availability of over 70,000 pieces of media in over 1200 languages and the JESUS Film mobile App. The goal is to have 90% of the use of this digital library be from partnering sites and organizations, thereby resourcing the body of Christ worldwide with ministry tools in their own language.

2010’s – We have been developing global systems and equipping local leaders to increase the effectiveness of all our global ministries. This has led to the creation of more mobile training and reporting tools so that our global staff can work effectively anywhere. We have also become more active in bringing awareness to the growing issue of Human Trafficking. You can join with us for the National Weekend of Prayer to combat Human Trafficking.