All Home

daughtersWe have enjoyed having all our daughters home for the Christmas break. We are reminded of how God has impacted our family and the guidance he has given to each of us.

Rachel –  will graduate from UF in May with a degree in Anthropology. She has applied to Nursing School at UF and will know sometime in March.

Jessica –  has completed her first semester at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. She loves the atmosphere and has made a lot of new friends. One of her highlights is serving each week with an inner-city kids program.

Monica – has been applying to colleges for next year. Write on her timeline to help her decide between Univ of FL, FL State Univ, Auburn Univ or Univ or MO-Columbia.

Audrey – is planning to go on a mission trip to Thailand this summer. She has wanted to do this for a couple years and we believe this is the right time. She also wants to join with other youth in Orlando to volunteer in several local ministries at the start of the summer.