From Tea to the Bible

One opportunity Amy is looking forward to is gathering women from our neighborhood for a new Bible study. In December we asked you to pray about a Christmas tea outreach. We hand delivered dozens of invitations to all the women in our neighborhood and 16 women gathered together! A friend from Jesus Film came along and shared her testimony while we enjoyed tea and cookies. It was a sweet time and the women were touched. Many stayed after to talk more. Please pray for the 3 women who said that they wanted to be in a Bible study! We hope to begin meeting regularly in the next week or so, and another Cru staff woman in the neighborhood has asked to help with it.  Amy serves on the Women’s US Strategies Team at Jesus Film, and loves the work of resourcing and equipping women to reach women, but is always looking for ways that she can reach out herself. She will be using tools found here – as she talks with the ladies from the neighborhood.

Our girls were so happy to be together for Christmas, after 2 years! Rachel got quite the welcome in the airport and we had such a great time with extended family.

January has been all about getting into a new routine as Mike’s parents and Amy’s mom all spend the winter with us. Jessica is back in Chicago and Monica and Audrey are in the midst of their spring classes at UF. Please be praying for Rachel as she is investigating going back to school! She needs direction and wisdom for the choices that are ahead.