Lives Transformed by Jesus

The children were so excited to see the team – and to see pictures of themselves.

The 1,500th translation of the film JESUS was recently premiered in Ethiopia. This translation was made specifically for one of the most remote tribes who has ever seen the Jesus Film – the Daasanach of Southern Ethiopia. When the team arrived, they were surrounded by desolation and poverty like they had never seen before, but they were welcomed into the village. These nomadic people, who range between Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan, are proud and stoic. Life is hard and brutal. Violence is normal, and AK-47s are more common than shoes.

The children, some barely clothed and many, not at all, came out first. They were excited to see the film team and what they had brought. Most just wanted to see pictures of themselves the team had taken on their phones. Some of the young men used their phones to take pictures with the team!

Since only 2% of the people can read,  the Jesus Film means bringing the life-changing message for them to see and hear! Pastor Siad has been working there for 10 years and is excited by what God did. “In one night we can have 50 people to follow up. That is a new church! We can have the core of a new church started each time we show them Jesus!”

Hundreds of people raised their hands in prayer and many of them signed up for follow-up with the local pastor.

As the team set up the screen and projector next to the tin-covered huts, more and more people came out. By dark, around 600 people crowded around the screen and Pastor Siad started the film. As the story of Jesus unfolded, everyone was transfixed watching and hearing the Gospel of Luke. The movie paused at the point where Jesus was hanging on the cross, and then Pastor Siad shared the Gospel message, asking if anyone wanted to follow Jesus. The response was overwhelming, about 75%!

Thank you for being a part of bringing the Jesus Film to the Daasanach people. Your partnership, like that of Pastor Siad is helping bring hope and change to this remote area.