Duplication to Multiplication

“They will appreciate this when they grow up!” These are the words of all parents at least once, if not multiple times. As a fairly new “empty nester” I can attest to the fact that it is extremely gratifying to hear words of gratitude from our young adult children.

I recently met some leaders from our ministry in Eastern Asia. Two of them shared how they came to Christ after listening to the audio version of the JESUS film when they were younger. Based on their age we realized the timing would have coincided with my efforts to setup duplication centers near where they lived.

The reality hit home with me that they had come to Christ directly from what God had me doing. And they had been discipled by many of my co-laborers.

We rejoiced over the amazing ways in which God leads and guides us. And how simple obedience can have a lasting impact. It makes me appreciate all those who impacted my life – teachers, parents, friends, pastors, babysitters, etc. And thanks to you for your impact on my life.