Facial Recognition

A national missionary in closed Asian country organized a meeting located at a tourist town. He thought it would be safer in a tourist place, but it turned out to not be true. There are so many cameras in the streets, even in the lodging. They asked the lodging owner to turn off the cameras in the meeting room.  

They were having such a good connection with friends from different cities. Some of them went to another location to have a smaller meeting. A few were sitting in the lobby reading the Bible while waiting for others to return. After 9 P.M., a group of officials came into the lobby. They asked what they were doing. One recognized the Bible on the table, so he asked to examined it and then returned it.  They were asked more details about why they were gathered.

They were very thankful that this was just a “polite” visit by the official and not generate further trouble. The ‘face recognition software’ is a very powerful system now. Many of our staff were identified at this event even though they did not register.  They identified them through the cameras. 

The believers are mindful of the question: How much time do we still have to be faithful and do what we can to serve the Lord?