Coalition of the Willing

In 2019, leaders of various church planting ministries began informal conversations that led them to discover there was no shared way to know where churches existed around the world. Without a way to know exactly which villages, towns, neighborhoods, etc needed a church it would be impossible to know if the gospel had made it to every person in every place. Those early conversations eventually lead to the formation of The Coalition of the Willing (COTW), a group of church planting ministries and resource ministries that have committed to work together to plant a church in every place.

They chose to use the system Mike has been developing, iShare, to track the existence of a church in every location.


COTW is a coordinated effort of willing ministries who share strategic data on Christian and church presence with the purpose of multiplying disciples and planting a church in every people and every place.


Involved organizations work together to accomplished the following first steps to lay the foundation for COTW:

  • Funded and partnered together to allow strategic collaboration to happen across various data collection systems.
  • Share data while ensuring the security of data to protect indigenous workers.
  • Agreed on flexibility and freedom so that each organization can retain their unique methods, materials and definitions