Bible Study Renews Zeal

I (Amy) have been encouraging various ministries and churches to utilize the valuable resources of the Magdalena film, a variation of the original JESUS film. Here is a brief stay of a woman in Asia who has been going through the Magdalena Bible study with her church.

Bai was diagnosed with Tuberculous pleurisy when she was in junior high, but doctors claimed it was too late to be cured. Her mother is a Christian, so she took medicine and prayed for God’s healing. After a year, she went to the hospital for a re-check, and the MRI showed her chest was healthy and clear. It was God’s work!

Bai went on to pass the college entrance exams, and ranked second in her province. But the excitement of being a college student gradually drew her away from God. Until recently when she started the Magdalena Bible study at her church; where she learned about the woman who had an issue with blood for 12 years and was healed, how 7 demons were drawn out from Mary Magdalene, and about a widow’s son who was raised from death. It reminded Bai how God had healed her as a young girl.

Bai’s heart is once again zealous for Him. As a result of the Magdalena Bible study she has made up her mind to not be a lukewarm Christian any longer, but to live for God. She says “maybe I won’t be like the Apostle Paul who stirred up the world, but for Jesus at least I can stir up my family, my friends, and be a blessing to them.”