Backpacks do what?

backpackIn the coming weeks, children across Central Florida will return to school; each carrying a backpack filled with essential items–school books, pens, and paper. For students, this backpack is a tool for their growth in learning. It helps them as they take steps toward their futures as the next generation of leaders in our community. For others, however, a backpack is a message that communicates love and hope.

When a victim of human trafficking is rescued they often only have the clothes on their back. They have been abused, exploited, and have had everything taken from them–their dignity as well as their belongings. Imagine how it feels for them to be given a gift! They feel loved. The backpack communicates to them that they are valuable. It is the first step in their restoration.

That is why we volunteer with Florida Abolitionist to ensure that every time a victim of human trafficking is recovered, they quickly receive a backpack filled with necessary items. Numerous survivors of trafficking have been blessed with these gifts and are extremely appreciative, sometimes even to the point of tears. Our goal is to provide law enforcement officers and other partnering first responders from Central Florida with these bags, so they can present them to the victims immediately upon their recovery.