Family Roots

Mike and AmyThis past month, Amy and I went back to Southern California for a visit. We moved there in 1993 from Moscow, Russia when Amy was pregnant with our first child, Rachel. Over the next 5 years all 4 of our daughters were born and we purchased a house. So we have some fond memories of this part of the country.

Although we had fun going to some of our favorite spots (like Dana Point Harbor shown in the photo), the real value was in visiting with our friends. It was a reminder that the most valuable investment we can make is in the lives of others.

When we share about our ministry with others we always start with why we became missionaries. We generally say something like, “When we graduated from college we wanted to impact the lives of others in the same way we were impacted through our involvement with Cru.” SO our trip to CA reinforced that our calling in life is to impact others for Christ.