Sarah’s Search

sarahNew Zealand

Sarah Templeton chose a university with a reputation for wild parties. Her childhood in New Zealand was a cocktail of family alcoholism, domestic violence and racial abuse. She was convinced that God didn’t exist.

“I was getting smashed four days a week, sleeping with guys, and I developed an eating disorder,” says Sarah. “Alcohol was my confidence booster and my anesthetic.” She was failing classes and wasting rent money.

Two years into classes at the University of Otago, she met Cru staff member Penelope Gibbs. Penelope showed Sarah a short film on her iPhone. La Búsqueda – The Search tells the story of a prodigal daughter, a girl Sarah identified with. This is the ministry tool we helped pioneer about the time Sarah was entering school.

Sarah began asking a lot of questions and after exploring the answers she thought, “If this stuff is true, why not give a relationship with God a go? What am I going to lose? Then I’ll know for sure whether it’s legit and then reject or accept it accordingly.”

Sarah now interns with Cru at Otago. “I talk with girls trapped in my old lifestyle, about a better way of living life to the full.”