What Fills Your Cup This Season

As Christmas approaches we are excited to have our family all together again! Rachel will be arriving from New Zealand on the 19th, Jessica comes in from Chicago on the 17th and Monica and Audrey finish with exams this week and will be home by Saturday. What a joy it will be to gather in the living room and around the table to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

But in the meantime Amy has been busy planning two holiday events that will help to introduce friends and neighbors to the reason for the season. Last weekend we planned (and hosted) a ladies tea for almost 40 women from our church. The theme for the evening was “What fills your cup this season?” and Amy challenged the women to fill their life first with Jesus rather than all the distractions that are out there. It was a wonderful time of fellowship.

This Saturday we are planning and hosting a second ladies tea for the women in our neighborhood. This one is based on a Cru strategy found at christmasgatherings.com. A few other neighbors are joining in preparing a time for the ladies that will include a tea, sharing and a speaker telling her own story of Christmas and Christ. We’ve been praying for this event for a while and am trusting that some of the women who come will want to continue meeting to learn more about who Jesus. Thank you for joining us in praying for this.

We hope you have a blessed Christmas and that you have your own opportunities to influence family and friends to follow Christ more fully!