Planting Churches…Changing Lives

Our Romanian staff members noticed over the past several years that people in rural communities were reluctant to come to see the JESUS film. Traditionally Orthodox, Romanians won’t come to a church building that’s not their own. But they will come to a community park. Putting up a large tent and having activities make them curious—drawing people to an event they would otherwise shun. And God meets them in transformative ways.

Multiplying groups of believers have sprouted in many Romanian communities as a result of these “tent” showings. Alex gave his life to Christ at one of these events, and has been sharing his faith and participates in a weekly Bible study. The community of believers marvels at the work God is doing. “The change God did in Alex leads him to go and speak [about Jesus] wherever there is an opportunity. God … [took] a notorious drunkard and turned [him] into a new man,” said Cristina, a Romanian staff member. The tent strategy drew him in ways a church building couldn’t.