The Fruit of Partnership

Two ministry with whom we partner in many paces around the world (New Covenant Missions and Horn of Africa Mission) recently began a partnership in the South Omo region of Ethiopia. They followed the steps of evangelism and church multiplication, and the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of those who heard the good news.

The new Christians explain that although they are saved by grace, they are not saved from persecution. Some have lost families, friends, and homes in order to follow Christ. Their stories remind us that the enemy is real and he doesn’t let go of God’s children without a fight. As a result, these new, multiplying churches often become the only family a new believer might have.

It is amazing to see these babes in Christ rejoice through their suffering, make public confessions of faith while experiencing rejection, listen to the words of Jesus through audio Bibles and watch the “JESUS” film, all the while knowing their choice may result in violence. They could be ostracized and lose their husbands, wives, or children. But within their small house churches, they find new family members—brothers and sisters in Christ—to fill the void.