Preparing for Thailand

progress1455Hello everyone! This is Audrey Waid. I just wanted to send you all an update on how much further I have and how everything is going down here. So far, you guys have helped me raise $1455! Thank you so much for that. My goal is to raise $2500 via support, so I only have about $1000 left; and that is completely doable.

Aside from getting financially prepared, God has really been getting my heart ready for this trip. And also all of your sweet letters and photos have really warmed my heart and encouraged me- so thank you for that! I am given peace in knowing that there is no way that I can do something wrong because it is all in God’s plan, and I no longer need to worry about saying “all the right things” as long as I just let God speak through me. This trip isn’t about me OR the Thai people though. I know, that sounds a bit crazy. But this trip is all about God being deserving of having every tongue shout His name, and I am just being the hands and feet of Christ to reach these people. So thank You so much and I hope that you will keep me in your prayers!