Ocean Swim

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Last month I, Mike. completed my longest ocean water swim event, a 7-mile (or 11.2km) swim around Lido Key island in Florida. Watch the 2-minute video of my race. Take note of how I look before and after the event. A gorgeous barrier island adjacent to Sarasota, Lido Key boasts some of Sarasota’s most beautiful beaches. There were mostly solo swimmers like myself, but also a few relay teams. This was definitely my most demanding event since my teenage years of swimming competitively.

I have swam in a few meets recently in a pool, comparing my times to when I was a teenager. But my stroke and my body have changed in the past 30 years. I am finding that I am much more geared for long distance events. I know there are physical reasons for this related to how my body ages, but there are also mental and spiritual aspects.

I am someone who finishes what I start. That is probably the primary reason that we have been in full-time ministry since I graduated college. The dedication to fulfill the calling that God has on my life drives me to continue in spite of obstacles – spiritual, financial, organizational, or otherwise.

I had to push myself the last 1.5 miles of the race, so much so that I could not stand on my own for 45 minutes afterward. Perhaps that is how I will finish the course laid out for me by our Lord.