JESUS in the Middle East

660x390photo_1335459581530-1-0“One day, when we finished the Magdalena movie, “Khawla” a 21 years old smart Middle Eastern woman, asked many questions. She didn’t know about Jesus before. She was shocked to know that He did all those miracles. I can’t describe her sadness when she knew that Jesus died for her. As she was leaving, she asked for a Bible. One week later, she came and told us that she is reading. She asked what she should do to become a Christian. Should she declare this truth to all her family and her neighbors? Should she take off her veil? We told her: it’s enough to pray to Jesus asking Him into her life. With tears she shared her painful story after watching Rivka (a follow-up series to Magdalena). The episode talked about a teen’s marriage. Khawla didn’t stop crying. She told us about her marriage. Her father obligated her to marry when she was 15 years old. Her husband was very aggressive. She compared Jesus’ teachings with her religion. She was attracted to the way Jesus shows respect to women.”