He is Risen…in over 1300 languages

We’re pleased to announce the release of “The JESUS Film 24 Day Challenge”, a new bible study plan on YouVersion’s Bible.com and its accompanying Bible app. This plan blends scenes of The JESUS Film with a chapter-a-day bible study from Luke, written by Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor of the Moody Church. You can start the plan HERE.

This study is designed for those who are new followers of Jesus, and for those who are exploring His claims. Even better, it fits well as a post-Easter study!

JFP Hearts - 1,302 language versionsRecently at a Jesus film staff meeting, one of our staff put together a unique visual to show the total number of “Jesus” film languages translated. There are 1302 candy hearts in the picture! This pic is from February (that’s why hearts were used) and the count as of today is actually 1308! In addition to the original film there are 157 languages available for “the story of Jesus for children” and 120 languages translated for “Magdalena-through her eyes”. Our production department has been hard at work!