Four Spiritual Laws

GoodToolsThe Four Spiritual Laws is a simple gospel track that has been used by Cru for over 50 years.  Dr Bright, the founder of Cru, used to draw a summary of the Good News on napkins. It was then printed into a small booklet to equip others to give a clear presentation of the Gospel.

At the time, creating a Gospel track was very innovative. It brought clarity to many people searching for answers. But more importantly it equipped millions of believers with a tool they could use to “give an account of the hope within them.”

This month I am spearheading a project to put 20 of the 144 printed translations of this tool into a mobile app. This app, called GodTools, is the modern version of the original napkin. The mobile phone is in almost every pocket or purse in the world. Thus we are enabling a new generation of believers to have a tool which will enable them to digitally give an account of the hope within them.