Film School Begins

Five years ago we began working with our staff in the Middle East to develop an indigitous Short Film Training. Starting in 2006, we began doing two week conference of intense training in film making and short film ministry. The Middle East plan, called the Film Strategy School, is designed to develop leaders in the creation and use of short films who will also train others in the future. The students will go through four levels of training starting February 8th, 2015. After each level, they will return to their home countries and work on projects, ministry strategy and training. In the six months following level four, they will work on their final film projects and then present them at the graduation ceremony. Our goal is to train 18 staff and volunteers from 6 countries in the Middle East who will then return and train hundreds more in making local films and using short films to talk with their countrymen about Christ.

The task of creating the curriculum and planning the year has been a big one. God has brought together a highly skilled team of University Film Instructors, professional filmmakers and experienced media missionaries.

The first phase of the school is took place in Jordan during February, 2015.