Faith Produces Fruit

Last month, the church planting ministry of Cru (GCM) in one of the countries in Southeast Asia conducted a simple gathering in a village among the farmers and their families, with the intention of sharing the Gospel. This was initiated by a high school girl who became a Christian through one of the partner churches of GCM. Because of her desire for her family to know Jesus Christ, she asked help from the pastor to reach out to her village.

They had a simple two-hour program during which a local believer shared his testimony on how he came to know the Lord. The villagers listened attentively as a Cru staff person shared the Gospel message, connecting it with their challenges in livelihood and farming.

At the end of the event, 20 people prayed to receive Christ into their lives. What’s more amazing is that the parents of the high school girl opened their house to be used as a church! They already had a follow-up session with those who desired to know more and they will continue to meet them and hopefully usher them to be part of the church. Aside from this, 10 high school students got baptized to declare their new faith.

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom and strength for the local church pastor who is currently handling 10 small groups;
  • Spiritual growth to be evident among the villagers who just received Jesus Christ;
  • Multiplication to happen in the village which will impact the whole nation.