Church in India

Krishna Nath grew up a Hindu. Despite a life of regular worship, he sensed continuous emptiness in his heart. At age 18, he married and then became the father of two children, but still, peace eluded him. Eventually, he left his family and became a Hindu priest. Still he did not find peace.

In August, he met Rajaram, an acquaintance who had become a Christian. Upon hearing how Jesus had saved him and given his friend peace, Krishna accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He finally found peace.

In India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, in just three months, more than 300,000 people heard the gospel fromĀ 8,787 believers, like Rajaram, who were trained in evangelism through India Campus Crusade for Christ’s Global Church

Movements. In the last six years, 8,799 churches and Bible study groups have been started in previously unreached villages.

In another part of India, Mrinmoyee Mondal grew up in Bordonagur, West Bengal. Her father died when she was young. As the eldest child, she felt lost and uncared for. She first heard the name of Jesus through the JESUS film, and was moved by His love for sinners and wanted to know more.

She met Prabir Mistry, a church planter, and a group of believers meeting regularly for Bible study. Mrinmoyee accepted Jesus and was baptized in January. Her faith in the Lord brought challenges, even torture. However, she remained faithful, supported by the care of the church planters and fellow believers.

Recently, she married a lay leader in the Bible study, and the couple has established two more house churches and a Bible study group.