1,500th “JESUS” film translation

The 1,500th language of the JESUS film is Daasanach, spoken by the Daasanach people in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya. Today, yet another group of people can see and hear the gospel in their own language. To God be the glory!

This is a remarkable example of the body of Christ working together! I hope you see the fruit and rejoice over lives that have been changed. Thanks to friends like you, the Daasanach people are able to see and hear the gospel in their own language.

The People
Daasanach is a language spoken by 85,000 people spread amongst three countries – Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan. The Daasanach tribal group has a unique culture and has been reluctant to accept modern influences. A majority of the Daasanach people are cattle herders; the cattle provide status symbols and food among the tribes. While known and feared by neighbors, the Daasanach have been described as “tribal avant-garde” and are known for having a love for colorful headgear.

Although the New Testament is currently available in the Daasanach language, only 2 percent of the Daasanach can read, making the translation of “JESUS” an incredible advancement for this unreached people group. Many will now have the opportunity to hear the gospel in their own language for the first time.