Bold Moves

GCMGlobal Church Movements (GCM) activities and results are reported from 148 countries and regions of the world. Since its establishment in 2010, GCM has reported a total of 126,780 new churches and missional communities around the world. We want to provide some highlights using the four aspects of Bold Moves that we have emphasized since early in 2018.

Boldly Multiply (4 generations and beyond)
One of the strategies we emphasize in church planting movements is the multiplication of churches to four generations and beyond, and in multiple streams. Just as every living organism reproduces and multiplies, so too must churches.

Boldly Lead (50x)
Our desire is to see every GCM/Cru staff member work with at least 50 non-staff leaders, especially in places where believers are available to be trained and involved in the Great Commission. In addition, a total of 74,733 people were enrolled in church planting training in 2,073 locations.

Boldly Expand (1 for 1,000) 
By working together with the body of Christ, the goal of GCM is to see a vital church or faith community established for every person everywhere (village, neighborhood, high-rise apartment, business, school, or digital community). This is the goal that would propel us to reach the scope as envisioned in Mt. 24:14.

Boldly Partner (1+1>2) 
No one church or mission agency is able to fulfill the mission of God on earth. It takes all of us. Hence, Jesus prayed for our unity and collaboration in John 17. Realizing the biblical mandate and the magnitude of the global task, the Lord led us to start the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX) with five organizations in September 2011. That number has grown to about 80 global ministries that are working together to see five million new multiplying and missional churches and faith communities established.


The things highlighted above have only been possible because of the Holy Spirit and the obedience of God’s children, many of whom serve God in very challenging circumstances. By the grace of God, the necessary ingredients for multiplication, collaboration, expansion and partnerships already exist in most countries, laying a foundation for a greater harvest for the Kingdom of God. We trust the Lord will continue to use us to serve His purpose in our generation by proclaiming Christ and planting churches that reflect His glory and carry out His mission.