A Wind of Change

villageBold Moves resulted in a wind of change in southern Sierra Leone. A small village is 90% Muslim dominated and the showing of the Jesus film has been rejected and a Church forbidden. Yet a Jesus Film team based in a nearby city has continued to pray over the Village any time they had an opportunity to visit. During one of their visits last month the Lord honored their faith. What started as a long prayer walk around the Village ended up as a outpouring of God. As they prayed the Spirit of the Lord took hold of the four man team who were praying. The evidence of God was so real that Muslims in the village came to se what was happening. Those who came to watch fell under God’s anointing as others ran to the scene in amazement to know what was going on. At the end of the evening, 20 people prayed to receive Christ and the Chief of the village, who was one of the onlookers, agreed to allow the Jesus film to be shown.

This is a current example of how the Jesus film is being used to help start new churches in places where no church has been established. God is doing amazing things through the continued translation of the film and through the training we provide for church planting. As we focus on giving thanks this month you can praise God for His mighty works that He is accomplishing around the world.