A Beautiful Story to Encourage You

Last year, staff in a North African office received a phone call from a woman who asked, “What do we do?” The staff member who answered the call responded, “What do you mean, ‘What do we do?'”

The woman went on: “Well, we watched this film, it’s called ‘Magdalena.’ There are eight of us ladies that watched it together. We’ve come to know the Lord. We prayed this prayer at the end. Now what do we do? You’ve got your number on the DVD.” The staff member said someone would arrange a time to come meet them, but she said, “We’ll come and meet you.”

In that culture, since women are not allowed to meet with strangers on their own, the eight ladies traveled from their mountain home along with their husbands and children. Time after time the women came to meet with staff members for teaching and New Life Discipleship training—never without their husbands. While the women went through the training, the husbands sat off to the side, watching over the children and listening.

Nine months later, at least one of the husbands had chosen to follow Christ, and the eight women had shared their faith with others living near them. This small group of women now exists as a fledgling church.

As you have prayed and generously given, you can know that you share in the victory for these and many others who through The JESUS Film Project are seeing and believing.

You are changing lives.