When God Moves

Recently in Chad 450 leaders gathered for the launching of the national church alliance. That may sound like just another ecumentical meeting in a distant country. But there has been deep division between the 23 denominations in Chad for 46 years. Divisions so strong that the leaders would not even be in the same room with one another. On the first day, the Holy Spirit prompted the participants to stand up, to walk to somebody from another denomination, embrace and appreciate that person, and declare our unity in Christ.

Two days later, after sessions on unity, the Great Commission and collaboration, a banquet was held with presidents of 22 denominations where they were encouraged to work together for the glory of God. Afterward, one of the presidents asked, “How can we work together while we are deeply divided and wounded? How can we move forward?”

Immediately, another president stood up, knelt before the man who asked the question and said, “My brother, I am the problem, please could you forgive me?” The men knelt together and cried out for God’s mercy. God showed up in that room in a powerful way. Leaders asked for forgiveness from one another, embraced and knelt together, and prayed for God to heal their relationships and their nation.

The next day, the 22 presidents took the stage, held their hands together, and declared, “We are one in Christ. We are reconciled. We reject division. We commit ourselves to focus on the Great Commission.”