Online Discipleship

Overlooking Cairo from a local staff member's home
Overlooking Cairo from a local staff member’s home

Peter and Ramy are Egyptian staff members with Campus Crusade for Christ. They have spent the last 18 months developing a way to disciple new believers and equip them for doing ministry – all online. In just the last year they have trained over 2000 people in how to grow as a new believer, how to share their faith and how to disciple others. Since the content is all in Arabic, the people being trained are from all over the Middle East.

The amazing part of this is that they have invited 40 of them to a special conference to obtain more training and learn how they can begin their own ministry. They will meet our staff who minister to college students, local churches and young professionals. This will enable them to plug into some existing ministries and continue to grow in their faith.

Peter told me that one of the participants is a girl from a neighboring country. She is paying her own way to travel to Egypt to learn more so that she can reach the people in her country for Christ. And to think that over this last year she has been equipped through training and email from our staff in the area without ever actually meeting them in person.