Taiwan uses Short Films

Recently the Campus Crusade for Christ movement in Taiwan did an outreach using iPads to show short films to students on college campuses. The National Team Leader, Stephen Wang, explains how they helped them:

Q: Were Short Films helpful in starting conversations with strangers, friends and family?
A: Yes, it’s really helpful. We used this introduction: “We made a short film and would like to know your response toward it. Could you watch it for us?” 80% of students wanted to see it.
I also used a short film for my family, it went even better. Since it is not easy to share gospel with family by 4SL, short film is a good tool to start a casual conversation. And my father, who also have an iPad, used this method with his friends as well.
Q: How did the staff use the tablets? In what ways were they much more effective for evangelism, follow up or discipleship? Were staff more motivated to do ministry because of it? Give some examples of how the different MCC’s used it effectively?
A: In GCTC, our seven staff already used iPad as an evangelistic tool. We use short films in teams. We were able to contact 31 people in 2 hours. That’s 3 times more than before. Staff are motivated to share their faith more by this method.
Q: Is the size of an iPad screen the best or is a smartphone size better for staff and students to use. Does a bigger screen make it more effective in ministry?
A: So far, iPad is the best size for using, cause it can be played in more than one student. It’s more effective than smartphone.
They made a video that explains and shows more about what they did. It is in Mandarin with English sub-titles: http://bcove.me/bn4ttrvw