Refugee Churches in America

refugeesJoseph and Sital come from Nepal. They grew up in refugee camps and had Hindu families. Six years ago, an Indian missionary started doing ministry in the Nepalese camp. The missionary planted churches in the camp as people came to faith. These two boys were jus teenagers when they heard the gospel.

Sital came to faith and his family kicked him out of their refugee camp “house”. So for three months he had to stay with others in the camp. After six years of sharing with his relatives, Sital’s whole family had come to know Jesus.

Joseph heard the gospel in the camp and began leading other people to faith there his first year. Soon after he immigrated to the USA. On arriving in Pennsylvania he connected with other refugees who had come to the US and he planted a church, calling it by the same name as the one from the refugee camp. He now lives in Akron,  OH (Amy’s home town) where he has been sharing his faith and leading others to faith in North High school as he is a student.

north highAs the refugee camps have been slowly emptied, church plants, named for the ones this faithful Indian missionary began in Nepalese refugee camps have popped up all over the US, Australia and Europe. There are now 19 Nepalese church plants of the same name around the US. This spring, having been in America less than 6 years, 19 year old Joseph and 24 year old Sital have planted a church in Akron. Their vision is not to just reach the Nepali community with the hope of Jesus but to see unreached people groups around the city hear the gospel and be mobilized to the world.

What were you doing at 19?!