Reaching Out to Neighbors

blueberry picking with neighbors

We have been having a neighborhood Bible study for a few months. We passed out flyers to some of the neighbors and several of the neighbors put out yard signs the day before our meeting time. We are praying that over time more neighbors will want to join us.

A couple weeks ago we organized a trip to a nearby blueberry farm to pick fresh fruit and garb some lunch at the food trucks on the property. It was a great time to interact with each other and build friendships.

We were talking with some neighbors one day as we were getting ready to leave our house. After a while I asked them if they could come to our neighborhood study. They said they would consider it. But before they left they asked if we would put out our yard sign to remind them of the night. It just goes to show that people are watching what we are doing, even if we do not see the results of our efforts immediately.