New Role, Timeless Vision

family churchThere are three institutions that God appointed upon this earth: the Government, the Family and the Church. God Himself has ordained government and commands that everyone must submit to government; moreover, there is no authority except that which God has established. The Lord is the author of the union of marriage, made evident when He provided a companion for the first man, Adam. Christ’s church has a unique role in society, which only it can fulfill. God requires the church to be salt and light to the world, bringing the message of salvation and discipleship to individuals, and ultimately to nations.

Previously, we shared with you a synopsis of one of the global initiatives of international ministries of Cru. Mike has now transitioned from working with the Global Operations to the Global Church Movements team. He will be combining his 20 years of international experience with The JESUS Film Project, his leadership in technical strategies and his commitment to helping fulfill the great Commission.

Accelerating key initiatives within the ministry has been a hallmark of Mike’s past 26 years in ministry. So now he will be applying that to the key institution God has ordained for the proclamation of the Gospel and teaching of God’s Word.

We will keep you updated on the various technology and coordination we will bring to establishing multiplying local churches around the world.