Measure Twice, Cut Once

cut oncePlanning and preparation are vital to proper execution of a strategy. But is spending time establishing the plans a human effort that leaves God providence out of the picture? Well, there are many Biblical examples of well established plans which the Lord either instituted or blessed.

God placed on Nehemiah’s mind the desire to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Then Nehemiah┬áspent months praying and planning before he sought the King’s approval. Even after he got to Jerusalem he spend time inspecting the situation and revising his plan.

I have spent the last couple months preparing for my next project. I have found that I draw on roles and expertise from the past, but also seek God’s wisdom in utter dependence on Him. I will spend┬áthe next month interacting directly with ministry leaders within our organization from each of the continents. My goal is to improve the systems we are using to track the planting of 5 million new churches through volunteers and partnerships in the next 4 years.