Magdalena combats Human Trafficking

The Samaritan WomanThe Samaritan Women is a Christian restoration home for victims of human trafficking. One of their survivors was having a rough day so they gave her a copy of Magdalena, the version of the JESUS film told from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. She watched it alone and said she wept during the scene where the woman accused of adultery is about to be stoned to death.

This woman has had a hard life since age 12 and yet she is expressing a wildly creative and hopeful spirit.  As a result of the film, she’s inspired to write her own play, an interplay between the story Jesus casting the demons out of the woman, and her own experience with being delivered from all the demons (those who used her in sex trafficking) in her life. We are eager to see what she creates!

The tag line for the film outside the USA is “Released from Shame”. This is truly how God used the film in this woman’s life. The Executive Director of The Samaritan Woman ministry, Jeanne Allert, told Amy, “Thank you so much for the work that you do and the impact it has.”