Healed to Serve

bangladesh-village-life-8Kiaan* and his wife were born and brought up in Hindu families in Bangladesh. Kiaan was living a defeated and miserable life.  He never got any proper solution to his life issues from his Hindu gods and goddesses. He felt a void within himself.

While he was struggling with this issue, he suddenly fell very sick and had to be hospitalized. After being under treatment for a long time, his doctors told him that there is no cure for his sickness. He and his family began to grieve.  He was the sole breadwinner of his family.

One day, a non-Christian friend told his wife about a pastor named Bhavin*, who prays for sick people and those who put their trust in God often receive healing. In their desperation, Kiaan and his wife went to the pastor and shared their story with him.  The pastor asked the wife to kneel down and pray, along with some of the believers at the church.

The pastor asked Kiaan to pray along with him, and he did. He asked God to forgive him for what he had done in the past. After the prayer Kiaan realized that his life had changed, and the joy and peace he received on that day were unparalleled. The pastor prayed continually for Kiaan for three days, and as a result, Kiaan is now completely healed and physically stronger than before.

Seeing this personal transformation and physical healing, his family has put their trust in Jesus and began growing in the Lord by engaging in several church activities. The entire family has become a true living example for many people in the village. Kiaan is hosting two Bible study groups in his home for 29 people. His desire is to plant six new churches by the end of 2016.

*Names changed