God’s Timing – Again

Monica House
A fruitful Mango tree in Monica’s new back yard

Round One: Monica, our third daughter, started moved to South Florida in MArch to start a new job after completing her Master’s Degree. She had planned to live with three friends, but it fell apart one week before she was to move. We prayed together that God would provide housing because none of us had the resources or connections to solve it. Within a few days Monica had found a short-term arrangement in an apartment with 2 girls attending a local Christian college.

Round two: Monica had been searching for a new apartment with a friend for the past month. Once again that situation fell apart and again we spent time praying that God would provide a solution. The next day we got a text from Monica, “I found housing!”. And once again she found 2 Christian girls needing a roommate.

We are truly amazed at how God provides in His timing and His way. Neither of these two housing situations were know until the situation seemed hopeless. God has shown Monica and us that He hears us and cares for us.