Dog Walk Evangelism

A few weeks ago, our youngest daughter, Audrey, and I were out walking our dog, Charlie. The evenings are always a great time to enjoy a stroll and we generally will see others doing the same. Charlie loves this opportunity to see his pals, as well as sniff some new ones.

We stopped to talk with one couple we have gotten to know quite well. I cannot recall exactly how our conversation took on a spiritual direction – most likely the Holy Spirit. But it wasn’t long before I was explaining the Gospel and how Jesus’ sacrificial death is the only means of God forgiving us.

After we walked away, Audrey started to tell me about some of the responses to their questions that she was thinking. It is a good reminder that God speaks through each of us and gives us all words to say. Next time I saw these neighbors they said they want to invite our family to come over for cookies.